Why do the complainers have no names..why do they not give out any info on 'Wood For Life' one emasil states a second phone number..WHERE IS IT???? one email state Downey Road Manotick..WHERES THE FULL ADDRESS...

why do these emailers not leave email addresses so they can get together and sue??????? something sounds fishy to me!!!

why have the police not done anything...how can they survive without any new business??? you can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time but never ever can you fool ALL the PEOPLE ALL the TIME!!!!!!!!!!!SO I SAY GET TOGETHER AND DO SOMETHING PEOPLES!!!!!


Monetary Loss: $1000.

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This post sounds a bit like Britney Boyd trying to find out who is complaining so she can try to sue you for defamation or whatever. Check out all her posts on kijiji - they are in CAPS - who does that?

When they scammed us we called the police and they said they would look into fraud charges. While they take their time doing that, anyone who wants to take this further needs to file a claim with small claims court.

It's simple, cheap and easy - chances are, she won't show up to fight it, but getting your money back may be challenging as you

have to do that yourself. If you are filing a claim, be sure to look up small claims wins against the various names of her company - you may be able to use those to help you out.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #870981

All of the people involved have filed complaints with the BBB. And some with the police.

They moved to Manotick...so that is there current location.

My husband went there in person and ordered products. They do work, but I have no idea who actually gets there products if so many of us haven't?


I would be willing to help.

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